We are a California-based company invested in the cultivation and extraction of hemp, providing technical counseling and high-quality raw materials to develop organic hemp products and formulations.
We are constantly innovating technology and creating new sustainable projects.
Here at Baja Green Labs, we pay detailed attention to our hemp crops and our CBD products. We carefully select the best seeds and fully matured hemp to offer our customers overall superior quality straight from the source.


Delivering sustainable and educational development in all of our projects and engaging in commercial and cultural exchange within the hemp-based CBD industry at an international level.


Our long-term goal is to achieve international recognition for our products’ quality, the development of all our services, business units, and creating different communities with social and sustainable projects.


Our seeds contain less than 0.3% of THC, and we ensure they stay that way by producing them under complete environmental control. For this reason, we can offer you genetically improved seeds, which, accompanied by good crop management, will give you the best performance for your project.
In Baja Green Labs, we begin our growing process by selecting the highest quality seeds. We are vertically integrated and have a strong relationship with laboratories specializing in viable cannabis genetics and nursery production for growers.
We only use feminized hemp seeds to help you grow hemp with the highest CBD and lowest THC levels.


“A good soil is the foundation of every successful crop”


Growing hemp is not an easy task; just like seed genetics, soil analysis is a significant step in the growing process. Hemp needs a specific composition to grow well and reach its maximum potential. Att BGL, our agricultural technicians specialize in assessing the soil composition to be cultivated, thus providing you with all-encompassing counseling to determine the elements you need.


We assist you with crop production and management; both are critical parts of the entire operation where performance is the primary goal.


We work with you to define your budget and help you evaluate whether indoor or outdoor cultivation is the best choice to carry out the scale of operation and produce the sales capacity.


The drying of the hemp buds is the last step of months devoted to the cultivation. If not done correctly, the crop may become moldy or infested with flavor-altering insects.
Here at BGL, we have warehouses assigned to the drying process, measuring over 30,000 square feet, equipped with hygrometers and thermometers that precisely indicate the maximums and minimums to ensure the temperature and the humidity stay in ideal ranges. In addition, we use extractors, fans, heating and air conditioning devices to control them for professional drying.


There are several methods for Hemp CBD extraction; the following are the most common:

– With food-grade oil.
– With liquid solvents.
– Supercritical CO₂ extraction.

Liquid solvent extraction is the most common commercial method. However, for quality and precision reasons, we at BGL use supercritical CO₂.
Baja Green Labs’ specialized extraction equipment complies with all the required processes and protocols.


Our formulation team and facilities are located in Southern California; our team is responsible for creating preparations and selecting the highest quality ingredients.
All the ingredients used to formulate our products and our customers’ products are endorsed by the FDA.


Here at Baja Green Labs, we have a team of professionals who specialize in providing you with guidance and developing your branding for your cannabis-based business.
We will lead you through each step of the way, from creating and revising your brand name to provide you with a value proposition that identifies you in the market.



For any questions or comments regarding our CBD and hemp products, please contact us through the form below. We will be happy to assist you.